We have two solutions to help your clients

1) Credit Repair

We work to remove incorrect listings (enquiries, defaults, RHI, judgments) from credit files, allowing your client to access finance, at the best interest rate.

We do this by applying all of the consumer laws and legislation to verify whether a black mark has been placed incorrectly or unfairly onto your client’s credit file. In 83% of cases, we are successful in proving that a black mark is incorrect. Our trained and experienced advocates will work to have black marks removed for your client on any basis possible and as quickly as possible.

We have an average timeframe of 6-8 weeks. It may be quicker or longer, depending on which avenues we need to take. Unfortunately, we rely heavily on the response of all other parties for our timeframes.


2) Debt Management which helps your client


Avoid Bankruptcy

We provide an alternative to Bankruptcy and Part 9 Debt Agreements with their serious consequences.

Pay less over a longer time

Divide all of your clients debts over a 3-5 year time period and factor our fees into an affordable weekly or fortnightly repayment plan.


Don't do it alone

Take away the stress and provide a solution that works. We do this day in and day out and have 11+ years talking to creditors.


Reduce Debts by up to 100%

The majority of the clients we work for get 25-50% reductions on their debts and we’ve had some debts completely waived.

Get the fix in 3-5 years

We work with your clients financial situation to come up with a solution that has them out of debt as quick as possible.

Free professional assessment

We are here to serve your client, refer now and we will provide your client with a free phone assessment and find out how we can assist.

Don’t let your client become a victim – Act Now!

How Elizabeth wiped $62,000 off her debt.

Elizabeth came to us with debt’s piling up and needed help fast. She previously had a 6-figure salary for over 8 years, while also suffering from stress and anxiety.

After leaving her job she also found that she still had to service debt levels that came with her previous salary without the income to match.

We worked with Elizabeth over the course of 20 weeks to reduce $80K worth of debts to under $18K and then split up her payments into much more manageable monthly payments.

If you can relate to Elizabeth, contact us now as we are able to help you.

Refer a client Today:

Helping when things change or your client debts are rising

Every week people tell us their stories of overwhelming debt, financial hardship, high-interest rates, excessive fees and feeling like they will never get on top of their debt.

Princeville has a tested and reliable debt management solution that can cost your client less than they are now paying to resolve their debts. This is how it works:

  • We go through your clients debts and work out what they owe right now
  • We work out a payment plan where they can pay off your debts in 3-5 years to zero
  • We start negotiating and assist your client to make payments to creditors
  • We let your client know the outcome of negotiations so they know if we have had interest frozen or debt reduced and in some cases debts waived
  • Based on our success we reduce the length of your clients payment plan or give them an option to increase payments so they are debt-free faster

Case Study:

 Janice had $34,000 of credit card debt (2 cards) and was paying $800 a month towards these debts. This $800 only paid off the minimum amounts due which meant the debt would not be paid off for another 30 years.

She signed up with our service and paid us $325 a fortnight ($650 a month) over 5 years to pay off the debts to zero. This immediately made her life easier. 12 weeks later we achieved a complete waiver of her $34,000 debt. Janice can now afford some little luxuries and finally feels safe about her finances. Janice now pays us $205 a fortnight for 3 years and then she will be debt-free.

If you can relate to Janice or Elizabeth, contact us now as we are able to help you.

What our recent clients have to say:

  • Great company and so easy to deal with

    Dimitri Fouyaxis Avatar
    Dimitri Fouyaxis

    Princeville takes they job serious they keep up with the words they help me out to clear my credit... read more

    Mario Chris Avatar
    Mario Chris

    Made my credit free so happy

    Sharyn Hetherington Avatar
    Sharyn Hetherington

    The staff are friendly and compassionate . They do the actions straight away.
    But in my case, I just find...
    read more

    Maria Mitchell Avatar
    Maria Mitchell

    Fast and efficient, can’t recommend their services enough to clear defaults off your credit record.

    Toni-Maree Althofer Avatar
    Toni-Maree Althofer

    Thankyou to Brielle & princeville for clearing up my credit file, I now have financial freedom again and can apply... read more

    Hayley Graham Avatar
    Hayley Graham
  • The team at Princeville did a great work at completely removing an unfair default against my name. I was always... read more

    Alex Bowen Avatar
    Alex Bowen

    great help to myself and my husband

    Amanda-Leigh Johnson Avatar
    Amanda-Leigh Johnson

    Laura was amazing. She was patient and on the ball. Her replies to my emails and texts were ultra fast... read more

    Marc Manea Avatar
    Marc Manea

    Highly recommended.I was dealt by Laura and I received professional service.Appreciate their communication skills.

    Gauravdeep Singh Avatar
    Gauravdeep Singh

    Princeville Credit Advocates were true to their word for me. I dealt with Brooklyn and she was constantly in touch... read more

    Lee Campion Avatar
    Lee Campion

    Very highly recommended. Fantastic communication. Great work!!

    Alexandra Pontidis Avatar
    Alexandra Pontidis
  • Very highly recommend Princeville!!! Great outcome for my fiancee and couldn't be happier with the removal of a ANZ default.... read more

    Brad Toms Avatar
    Brad Toms

    Wow.... what can I say 🙂
    I am soooo happy with you guys at Princeville (thank you very much to BRIELLE...
    read more

    Max Tayar Avatar
    Max Tayar

    Great service!
    They make the process quick and stress free.
    Thank you.

    Teesha Seelin Avatar
    Teesha Seelin

    Had an issue and got in contact with Princeville Credit Advocates from day 1 Brielle was amazing with us... read more

    Fee Alazeemi Avatar
    Fee Alazeemi

    Highly recommended!! An absolute life saver, thankyou so much Laura and the Princeville Credit Advocates, so glad you are around... read more

    Emma Gwatking Avatar
    Emma Gwatking

    my credit repair was a bit harder than most I think because my defaults took a little longer to clear... read more

    Rewi Skipper Avatar
    Rewi Skipper
  • They are very quick. They do what they said n finish before that time period what they gave. Thay are... read more

    Jagmeet Bajwa Avatar
    Jagmeet Bajwa

    positive review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    My experience with Princeville Credit Advocates (Brielle) has being absolutely amazing. The moment I called Brielle she was right onto...
    read more

    Timothy Benn Avatar
    Timothy Benn

    positive review Great service from start to finish. They cleared 3 defaults and had regular updates during the process.

    Lookman El Kurdi Avatar
    Lookman El Kurdi

    Brielle of Princeville has been a great person assisting us with our credit/default concern. She explains everything and make it... read more

    Cristina LeNuevo Avatar
    Cristina LeNuevo

    One of my good known suggested Princeville advocates to me to get my credit file cleared from a default, Brielle... read more

    Rajpal Janjua Avatar
    Rajpal Janjua

    Never thought that I would be able to get rid of my default this easy. Thanks brielle and team.

    Jay Amin Avatar
    Jay Amin