Don’t Become a Victim to a Poor Credit Score – Act Now!

We work to clear your credit file in 3 stages

Stage 1 – $500 (per credit file, non-refundable). At this stage our advocacy team are preparing your case/s to be sent to the company or companies who listed you. We also get copies of your Equifax (formerly, Veda) and Illion (formerly, Dun & Bradstreet) credit files at this stage and ensure we are working to remove everything that is causing your low score and loan rejections.

Stage 2 – $500 per listing you want us to erase (refundable if not successful on the basis that the information you provide in your application is true, correct and verifiable). This fee is paid 7 days after Stage 1 began. At this stage we begin our negotiations with each credit provider, debt collector or plaintiff who has placed a listing on your credit file.

Stage 3 – $500 per successful removal of a listing. This fee is payable when we have advice that the company who listed you will agree to erase the listing within 10 days.  

Simply sign up today for Stage 1 and we will be in touch with copies of your credit files and the short application form you need to complete telling your side of the story

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How Princeville Can Help Repair Your Credit Score.


We work to remove incorrect listings (enquiries, defaults, RHI, judgments) from credit files, allowing yout to access finance, at the best interest rate.

We do this by applying all of the consumer laws and legislation to verify whether a black mark has been placed incorrectly or unfairly onto your credit file. In 83% of cases, we are successful in proving that a black mark is incorrect. Our trained and experienced advocates will work to have black marks removed from your credit file on any basis possible and as quickly as possible.

We have an average timeframe of 6-8 weeks. It may be quicker or longer, depending on which avenues we need to take. Unfortunately, we rely heavily on the response of all other parties for our timeframes.

Personal Service

We provide you with your own highly experienced advocate who is allocated to your case.

Legal Bases

Your advocate has a firm grasp on the relevant credit reporting laws and will fight for the removal of your listing/s on this basis.

More Choices

Princeville has all avenues of complaint and escalation available to them, unlike some less ethical operators who have been banned from using these avenues because of their poor practices.


Correct Advice

Your advocate has fought hundreds of similar cases to yours and know who to contact and how to negotiate for the removal of your incorrect listing/s.

Professional Partners

Princeville partners with a solicitor who can fight on your behalf, if required.

No Conflicts

Princeville has no conflicts of interest. We only specialise in credit repair. We won’t do a poor job on purpose in order to offer you a high-interest loan or suggest you enter a Debt Agreement.

Case Study

A credit impaired client with 2 defaults on his credit file had been approved for a high-interest loan. The interest rate was a 7.69% comparison rate on $400,000. This was costing the client $30,760 in interest each year, or $2,563 per month.

We cleared the client’s credit file and the client was then eligible for a 3.64% comparison rate loan, costing the client $14,560 in interest per annum, or $1,213 per month.

The difference in interest was a staggering $16,200 per annum, or $1,350 per month.

Clearing the two defaults off his credit file cost $2,500. Astoundingly, his $2,500 investment in our service was recouped in the first 55 days of the more affordable loan being approved.

This client had just put $13,700 into his own pocket in the first year by using our service, and this money was spent re-investing into the mortgage to reduce the amount owing, and on a family holiday with their kids.  

What our recent clients have to say: