Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take Princeville to clear my credit file?

At Princeville, we have an average time frame of 6-8 weeks. We work on a case by case basis, so some cases are resolved more quickly, and others take longer. Our team are incentivised when they get positive results, so rest assured they are working hard to have your adverse listings erased on any basis possible, and as quickly as possible.

How successful is Princeville in clearing credit files?

Princeville began 10 years ago. Up to today, our success rate is 83%. That means in over 8 out of 10 cases we can successfully remove your negative listings from your credit file.

Over the past 10 years, we have removed over 5,000 adverse listings from credit files and have successfully worked with hundreds of credit providers Australia wide.

Why choose Princeville?

Princeville is the trusted credit repair firm of finance brokers Australia wide. We work for large broker networks as well as for individual brokers. They entrust their clients to us to repair credit file issues after which the broker can write them a low-interest loan. We have extensive experience and know who to contact to have your credit issues resolved. We often work on other credit repair companies failed cases, simply because we find they don’t do the in-depth investigations that we do, and therefore have poor results.

What issues can Princeville help with?

We can work to remove these listings on your credit file:

  • Defaults (paid, outstanding, settled)
  • Judgments (paid or unpaid)
  • Writs
  • Late repayment history indicators
  • Summons
  • Cross-referencing on files
  • Debt negotiation (the success fee for debt negotiation is $25% of the difference we can make to your debt amount, and, if necessary, $300 to set up a payment plan to pay off the balance)

How does Princeville remove listings?

We understand the legislation that governs credit reporting and use this, along with your story, to negotiate for you. If necessary, we request your account documents from the company and work through these carefully, looking for errors in the listing process. If an error is found the listing must be erased from your credit file.

What are the consequences of having adverse listings placed on my credit file?

If you are going for finance and you have a black mark placed on your credit file, you have three options;

  1. Be declined finance
  2. Be approved through a second-tier lender (high-interest loan) which will cost you thousands of dollars a year over the life of your loan.
  3. Use credit repair to correct your credit score and allow you to get low-interest credit and loans.