The Solution

The Solution

When you apply for any type of finance, with any kind of negative listing on your credit file, you will be rejected for credit or a loan.

When this happens, there are three options open to you.

  • Wait until the listing has dropped off your credit file which could take up to 7 years. Meanwhile, you don’t get the things you need until then.
  • Apply to a high-interest lender and pay higher interest rates, and application and risk fees. This option can put you into hardship.
  • Work with us to clear your credit file of negative data so you can be approved for loan interest credit and loans.

There is no doubt out of all these options, that credit repair is an investment that puts money back into your hands.  

Case Study

A credit impaired client with 2 defaults on his credit file had been approved for a high-interest loan. The interest rate was a 7.69% comparison rate on $400,000. This was costing the client $30,760 in interest each year, or $2,563 per month.

We cleared the client’s credit file and the client was then eligible for a 3.64% comparison rate loan, costing the client $14,560 in interest per annum, or $1,213 per month.

The difference in interest was a staggering $16,200 per annum, or $1,350 per month.

Clearing the two defaults off his credit file cost $2,500. Astoundingly, his $2,500 investment in our service was recouped in the first 55 days of the more affordable loan being approved.

This client had just put $13,700 into his own pocket in the first year by using our service, and this money was spent re-investing into the mortgage to reduce the amount owing, and on a family holiday with their kids.