Our fees for erasing negative listings (defaults, judgments, other court actions, enquiry listings, late payment histories) on credit files are:

Stage 1 $500 per applicant. Flat fee, non-refundable fee to prepare your case/s to each company (credit provider) who listed you.

Stage 2 $500 for per issue (refundable)⃰. This is our negotiation stage, where we are in active negotiations with each company that listed you to argue for the removal of the negative listing/s.

Stage 3 $500 per issue which is payable when the company has indicated they would be prepared to remove the negative listing within 20 business days.

Success – once your stage 3 fee is paid, we indicate we are ready for the credit provider to remove the listing. In about 20 working days later your file will be cleared of that listing.

Case Study 1

Sammy was trying to get a car which he needed for work. He applied for a car loan online and was rejected. The company told him to check his credit file as it was the problem.

Sammy contacted us and used our CFE service⃰ to get copies of both his credit files. There was one default from an energy company on his credit files and this was leading to his application being rejected. 2 years earlier he had been living with some friends and had put his name on the energy contract. He had then moved out and did not think to change his address. The bill was not paid, and this led to a default against his name.

Sammy’s options were that he would have to do without a car until his credit file cleared automatically in 3 years’ time. Or he would have to pay 12% interest with a high-risk lender, or he could do credit repair.

He decided to go with credit repair and it cost him $1500. We successfully erased the energy listing off his file and he was approved for a 4.99% car loan.

Case Study 2

Jim applied for a home loan.

His broker rang with bad news. His loan had been rejected because he had 1 default listing and one court judgment on his credit file. These had come about during his divorce 2 years earlier.

His broker explained the options open to Jim. He could wait until the listings dropped off in 3 years and apply again then. Or he could apply now to a high interest lender and pay $16,000 more in interest per year, and damage his credit score, because applying to those types of lenders would lower his score. Or, he could have his credit file cleared of the 2 listings, which would cost him $2,500, and would allow him to get a normal low interest loan from one of the big banks.

Case Study 3

Jackie had been shopping around trying to get a credit card for six months. She had a plan that she wanted to get a car loan in 12 months’ time, and a house loan in 2 years.

To get a credit card, Jackie had applied to 1 company 3 times, another company 2 times, and another company once. Every application failed.

What Jackie did not realise was that by shopping around and putting in more than 5 applications in a 12-month period she was damaging her credit score.

These enquiries would stay on her credit file for 5 years and would keep impacting her ability to get credit. We made complaints to the 3 companies on Jackie’s behalf. The cost for this was $3,500. The effect of successfully removing these enquiries was that Jackie’s score jumped to over 650 and she was able to apply for a credit card successfully and would not be blocked from making future applications.

⃰ Our Credit File Experts (CFE) service explains why you are being rejected when you apply for credit or loans. For $150 we instantly get copies of both your credit files and let you know what is holding you back. If you use our credit repair service after using CFE your stage 1 fee will be reduced to $400.

⃰ Our Money Back Guarantee – we refund your stage 2 fee for each listing we cannot erase, after 12 months, when we have exhausted all avenues of complaint, and on the condition that the story you provided in your application form was true, correct and independently verifiable.