The Princeville Difference

The Princeville Difference

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It matters who you get your credit repaired by. If you pick the wrong company, you may end up with an unnecessary credit enquiry on your credit file which will lower your credit score further. Or you may be told an adverse listing cannot be removed when the company has not exhausted all available avenues to get the job done. Or you may be sent a pack of template letters and be told to do the work yourself. In the Credit Repair Industry, just like in all other industries, you get what you pay for. As a rule, you only get one chance to clear your credit file. If it’s done poorly the first time, you may miss the opportunity of raising your credit score and being able to get the low-interest finance you are seeking. It’s therefore vital to get the job done by a professional. Going with the wrong company could mean you’ll waste your money and time and your circumstances won’t change. 

We provide you with your own highly experienced advocate who is allocated to your case.
Princeville has no conflicts of interest. We only specialise in credit repair. We won’t do a poor job on purpose in order to offer you a high-interest loan or suggest you enter a Debt Agreement.

Princeville partners with a solicitor who can fight on your behalf, if required.

Your advocate has fought hundreds of similar cases to yours and know who to contact and how to negotiate for the removal of your incorrect listing/s.
Your advocate has a firm grasp on the relevant credit reporting laws and will fight for the removal of your listing/s on this basis.

Princeville has all avenues of complaint and escalation available to them, unlike some less ethical operators who have been banned from using these avenues because of their poor practices.