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We have helped thousands of Australians repair their credit and have removed over 5000 negative listings from credit files.

Improve Your Credit

Low credit score? Have you been refused credit? Or are you paying too much interest? We can help!

We Can Help

We can help with the removal of Payment defaults (paid, settled or unpaid), Judgments, Credit enquiries, Debt negotiation

We Work For You

Our gutsy advocates love what they do!
They will do all the negotiating with creditors on your behalf.

Financial Freedom

Once your credit file is repaired you can get credit or a loan and avoid high-interest rates

Repair Your Credit Score Today

Why wait? We can have your credit score repaired on average in 6-8 weeks!

Repair Your Credit Score Today

 Why wait? We can have your credit score repaired in under 6 weeks!

Why Choose Princeville Credit Advocates?

Personal Sevice

We provide you with your own highly experienced advocate who is allocated to your case.


Correct Advice

Your advocate has fought hundreds of similar cases to yours and know who to contact and how to negotiate for the removal of your incorrect listing(s).

Legal Basis

Your advocate has a firm grasp on the relevant credit reporting laws and will fight for the removal of your listing/s on this basis.

Professional Partners

Princeville partners with a solicitor who can fight on your behalf, if required.

More Choices

Princeville has all avenues of complaint and escalation available to them, unlike some less ethical operators who have been banned from using these avenues because of their poor practices.

No Conflicts

Princeville has no conflicts of interest. We only specialise in credit repair. We won’t do a poor job on purpose in order to offer you a high-interest loan or suggest you enter a Debt Agreement.

About Us

In 2009 Princeville Credit Advocates was born. Before we officially began we had helped two family members who had court judgments on their credit files. One owed $8,000 to a dentist that he thought was unfair and the other owed $25,000 to the council and this was stopping him getting a business loan.

We had been searching for a business to grow that was purpose driven and improved people’s lives, so after successfully negotiating on behalf of our family members, negotiating the debts and having the judgments erased from their credit files, we knew this was the business we wanted invest our passion in.

We researched everything about the law that governed how negative information was applied to credit files and discovered there were many mistakes made in the listing process. We also realised that our family members were not alone in having issues with their credit files and that 15% of Australians were suffering with low credit scores as well.

We set about spreading the word about our service, travelling the country meeting finance professionals who regularly saw credit impaired clients and turned them away.

After years of hard work growing Princeville we can now proudly say we have a team of 10 passionate people who are ready and rearing to assist credit impaired clients, a referral network of over 1600 finance professionals Australia wide, and 5,000 credit files cleared to date.

We pride ourselves on being an understanding ear to step our often-distressed clients through the process of credit repair and to get our clients into a position where they can apply for low interest loans and move forward with their financial lives.


Managing Director
Princeville Credit Advocates


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  • Thank you to Laura and Princeville team.
    You have done great job and changed my life with a nice and clear...
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    Pham Quang Avatar
    Pham Quang

    I would highly recommend. Brielle from Princeville credit advocates is amazing, she worked so quickly and efficiently to sort out... read more

    Merzinet Mez Avatar
    Merzinet Mez

    Laura at Princeville was fantastic from that first phone call to the last email to inform me that my default... read more

    Margaret Williams Avatar
    Margaret Williams

    They are very reliable. They helped me clear my default and give me a clean record. I recommend them to... read more

    Lawrine Yantani Avatar
    Lawrine Yantani

    Best credit repair company in Australia, Laura and her team is very good dealing with all credit repair matters. they... read more

    Janaka Gamage Avatar
    Janaka Gamage

    Thank you so much Princeville team on your effort in helping me to Sortout the Removal of RHI. Highly recommended... read more

    Harshi Priyanka Weerasingha Avatar
    Harshi Priyanka Weerasingha
  • Brielle is fantastic and worked fast to sort out an issue for us. I would highly recommend Princeville credit advocates

    Victoria Skye Avatar
    Victoria Skye

    Highly recommend. Neil was recommended by my broker, and he was invaluable with the advice he gave me. A wonderful... read more

    Kelly Williams Avatar
    Kelly Williams

    Laura was just fantastic and transparent from day one. Well done and excellent service recommended to us by our friends.... read more

    Himanshu Chawla Avatar
    Himanshu Chawla

    I would highly recommend the service. It’s easy, fast and effective!

    Naomi Karpati Avatar
    Naomi Karpati

    Laura from Princeville was easy to speak to and quick to arrange the removal of a credit default on my... read more

    Stuart Carruthers Avatar
    Stuart Carruthers

    Very supportive and understanding team who genuinely care and willing to help you out whatever your situation. highly recommended 👍

    Nette Tui Magele Avatar
    Nette Tui Magele
  • Absolutely amazing! Super fast, and help me soo much!
    Thankyou princeville credit advocates

    Ian Joseph Graham Avatar
    Ian Joseph Graham

    I will be recommending princeville to all of my friends and family if they are ever in a tough position... read more

    Rj Hamilton Avatar
    Rj Hamilton

    very happy with the out come I got with Princeville credit advocates

    Bianca Smith Avatar
    Bianca Smith

    The team were great in helping me with my credit. They were very responsive and communicative. Would definately recommend them... read more

    Tomislav Čatalinac Avatar
    Tomislav Čatalinac

    Such a simple process. I would recommend to anyone. Great communication!!

    Kaitlyn Kogelman Avatar
    Kaitlyn Kogelman

    I highly recommend Princeville Credit Advocates, they can do wonders on your credit file. I am very happy with the... read more

    Ajay Goyal Avatar
    Ajay Goyal
  • I am really thankfully to your whole team they really helped me in Difficult Situation that time I didn't understand... read more

    Athar Nadeem Chandio Avatar
    Athar Nadeem Chandio

    ☆☆☆☆☆ ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! I for one have been to many credit repair company's and they promised me everything under the... read more

    Wong Ah-Kau Avatar
    Wong Ah-Kau

    Princeville just wiped 2 credit defaults off my file now I’m buying a house. Thank you so much!

    Jay Case Avatar
    Jay Case

    I would recommend Princeville. They are efficient, friendly and very helpful. My debt was a small amount, but made a... read more

    Robyn Schrader Avatar
    Robyn Schrader

    They are fantastic and really honest in their approach. They helped me clear my credit file with their progressive... read more

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    Kim Tran

    Fantastic company to help with any issue's, these guys made my dream come dream of building my first and forever... read more

    Sarah Christian Avatar
    Sarah Christian

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